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Each bracelet has a meaning, emphasizing its uniqueness and handicrafts. Jewelry and pendants from verified suppliers from all over the world specialized in jewelery - bracelets and their components. If the goods are in stock, I ship within two business days. For individual requests, delivery time is consensual. We look forward to your cooperation.

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Shine a and either overlooked with bracelet LIONA.
Bracelet made of black onyx with a cross.
Beads are strung on strong, flexible silicone rubber band.

Black Onyx is a cornerstone of power. Onyx stone is silent, who will serve as counselor confidentially. Ensures contact with the higher guides. Onyx offers connections with the universe. It is said that in itself keeps the memories of all that the person who wears it, survived. Also you can use it to heal old regret and sadness. Freeze distractibility its owner cool more permanent approach to life and integrity. Overall, it increases the ability of self-esteem. It acts as a mental medicine that reduces or completely paralyzing fear and the fear of uncertainty. Onyx brings invaluable gift to be no rational rozhodnutiam.Do physical structure adds space, celestial energy.

Location / Wearing:
Wear on the left side of the body. It keeps the body in balance of yin and yang energies.
Therapeutic use, effects:
Onyx has beneficial effects on the spirit of personality, bones, bone marrow, treats blood disorders and physical parts.
Color: black, gray, white, blue, brown, yellow, red
Appearance: Reminds striped marble
Zodiac: Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn
Length: individual, you need to write in order notes into circumference of your hand on the strait.

Bracelets are manufactured to order according to your wishes. Please dear customers to be patient when we delay with production.

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